Secure Document Management

On-Site Scanning Services

Our full service option takes all the frustration, hassle, and risk out of converting your document library over to digital files but with a price that rivals most off-site scanning options. Our team of experts comes to your location, bringing our state-of-the-art scanners and decades of combined experience to quickly and efficiently scan, organize, and index every document and media file in your library without taking anything out of your location.

Off-Site Scanning

Documents are sent to our secure facility to be prepped, scanned, organized, and indexed before both the digital files and the original documents are returned to your location. Every file will be handled professionally and the quality of the digital files guaranteed. Pickup and delivery fees may apply.

Managed Document Conversion Services

Do you have ongoing document management needs? Maybe your staff is drowning in paperwork? Our Monthly Document Conversion Service will free you from the time-consuming burden of receiving and processing incoming documents. Simply have your incoming documents redirected to your own personal Mail-Stop Code. All documents received by us are logged in, prepped, scanned, and then uploaded. You’ll be notified instantly of any and all new documents uploaded to the system, where they are immediately accessible to you and your staff via your secure logins. Then, the original paper copies can be shipped directly to your location on a schedule of your choosing. We will ensure that your document management procedures are followed precisely, that no documents get lost in the shuffle, and that all compliance regulations are met all for a modest monthly fee.

Secure Document Management Solution

Document Storage
Document Storage Encrypted 256 bits

Bottom line, it’s real-time access, secure, anywhere, anytime. Allows you to access any file, anytime, anywhere through a highly encrypted, military grade portal. Enjoy a maintenance free, secure, and completely scalable document repository with our service. Your documents and media files will be easily accessible and safely housed on secure servers at our hardened off-site data center. We’ll handle all the needed backups and upgrades while you enjoy our easy-to-use, web-based interface with powerful search capabilities. You’ll still be able to organize, store, and retrieve all your documents with just a few clicks via your secure login.